The old man, seated at weathered wooden desk, draws one-of-a-kind handles on a sheet of textured paper. His son, who sits opposite, digitises his creations on his Apple Mac. 

The Handles Inc team just got back from Italy.

It’s the home of some very special things: Pizza, Pasta, The Colosseum, Mount Vesuvius, & Pompei — to name but a few.

The architecture is spectacular; the sense of history palpable.

But we’ve been making the journey since we founded Handles Inc for a very different reason: the handles.

It’s a fact that the most iconic /famous / handles are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Italians understand the art to a handle.

We visited our partners, the world-leaders in handle manufacture and design at their factories.

Some of these factories are ultra-modern, deploying robots to perform both highly-complicated manufacturing processes — and simple tasks (like mowing the immaculate lawn).

Others have the charm of workshops that have been running for generations: a whole line of people for whom creating beautiful handles is all they know.

Read on for a glimpse of what we learned about the various manufacturers we visited:


If you seek the single best handle factory on earth, look no further than Olivari.

It’s rich, 100-year history is part of the reason they produce the superior handle.

3rd generation , now run by the 5 brothers and their children , employing 81 people.

When we first arrived at Olivari, we were stunned at the beautiful setting, the factory nestled in the mountains of Borgomanero.

The amazement  didn’t subside when we entered the factory. It only grew. And then some.

Continual locally sourced premium raw material is part of Olivari’s  cornerstone. Partnered with world leading  levels of ultra-sophisticated technology, and it becomes nearly impossible to top.

Speaking of technology: Olivari handles are polished by a robot called “the yellow monster” . This ensures an unbeatable level  of uniformity in their finish.

The resident chemist is constantly testing and tinkering — analysing  the finish using a spectrometer,  to ensure consistent finishes to meet there stringent standards.

Front runners in  eco conscious manufacturing, Olivari have invested in an air and water treatment facility ,joined to the factory.

They give our planet back clean air and water.



Based in the heart of the Brianza District, you’ll find the Mandelli factory. Mandelli sources everything locally, from superior-quality Italian brass through to the packaging.

They exercise great care throughout the production process, making for a remarkable handle. Their handles are hand-finished with exceptional attention to detail.

This factory doesn’t mass produce anything — small production runs are responsible for the stellar quality Mandelli delivers, every time.



C.C.E was established in 1980 to solve a problem: cold draughts coming in from the gap under the door. C.C.E’s automatic drop-down seal was an instant success.

They have maintained that innovative edge, and their forward-thinking approach is evident in their factory today.

When you first walk through the doors at C.C.E (Costruzioni Chiusure Ermetiche), you’ll notice almost instantly, that every mechanist is female.

The factory is extremely efficiently run.

C.C.E uses cutting-edge technology in conjunction with superior-quality, locally-sourced raw materials to deliver a world-leading, one-of-a-kind product.

The factory is immaculate, and the staff exude passion.


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