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Nothing sticks like Handles Inc.

Lately our focus has been on sourcing new products  never before available in South Africa .

We have dedicated a huge amount of resources in ensuring that we could bring a new and exciting range at the right price.

One of the very first items we added to our range was self-adhesive hooks, in a number of different shapes and finishes.

Our hooks use real 3M™ tape to ensure a long lasting bond. You can stick them onto most smooth surfaces such as tiles, paint doors, wood etc…

The reason we went with self-adhesive  hook was to allow ease of use for the customer. No more worrying about drilling, hollow doors and all the mess and fuss. Just decide where you want it, peel of the backing and stick it on.

satin brass self adhesive hook handles inc

To ensure your hook stick properly we advise you clean the surface before applying your hook. And do not hang anything on for 6 hours to allow adhesion.

Our hooks come in 5 finishes and 4 different models to suite whatever area you decide.

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